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Kishke, 1 lb.
Kishke, 1 lb.
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Kishke, 1 lb._1
Kishke, 1 lb.
Kishke, 1 lb._2
Kishke, 1 lb.
Meat Item  Kosher  Perishable 

Kishke, 1 lb.

Kishke is a traditional Jewish sausage stuffed with matzo meal and spices. We'll send it to you in a one pound package.

This product is perishable and is covered by our Perishable Product Shipping Guide.
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What, bubelah? You don't like kishke? Oh! You haven't tried kishke! You need to try it, dear. If there's one thing I say all the time, it's "try the kishke." "Try the kishke," and "Wear a jacket." Those are the two things I say all the time. Everyone who tries it likes it. Your sister loves it. Your brother likes it, too. But you know Aunt Rachel? She says she doesn't like it, but no one listens to her anyway. She just a little meshugene. I heard your cousin Jacob even brought some back from his trip to Israel where he ate it at just about every meal. So go ahead, dear, get the kishke.
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