Schmacon (TM), 6-10 oz. retail packages

This is it. The ultimate Schmacon-lover's gift. A six pack of our all-beef and all-natural Schmacon has all the crunch, crisp and curl you crave with traditional bacon, but with lower fat, lower calories and lower sodium. Of course you can it eat solo, but just think of all the amazing recipes just waiting for Schmacon. Schmacon-wrapped shrimp anyone?

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Schmacon (TM), 6-10 oz. retail packages

Your new favorite pork bacon alternative is here and is now available in a grocery store-sized pack. Schmacon is all beef, all natural and all good. It has a unique smoky, slightly sweet flavor derived from its deli inspired spice blend. It is flavorful and satisfying in ways that only beef can be. It is whole-muscle beef, smoked and glazed, and crisps just like traditional bacon. It cooks in half the time of pork bacon and has less fat, less calories and less sodium than pork bacon. Great as a side on a breakfast plate, Schmacon is also a unique addition to your favorite recipes. For more information about Schmacon, visit

Schmacon (TM), 6-10 oz. retail packages - Reviews

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Oh my goodness I love SCHMACON!!!! I just got my order and boy is it the best "bacon" I have ever had and beef NOT pork!!!!! I made Schmacon cheeseburgers and my family scoffed it down so fast!!!! You need to try this if you never had!!! Uncured, no nitrates or nitrites, 340 mg sodium per 2 slices!!!! Perfect for those who are on a strict diets like myself after a stroke or if you do not eat pork, also like myself

Miss Patricia - Lake County, Florida
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