Schmaltz Recipe Hot Dogs, 1 lb.

This is the jumbo dog the whole family will love. Schmaltz oversized, private recipe Kosher-style Hot Dogs are perfect for boiling or grilling. Tasty and soft on the inside with a crisp, natural casing. Served in a one pound package; five hot dogs to a pound.

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Schmaltz Recipe Hot Dogs, 1 lb.

Kids love hot dogs. And admit it, you do, too. Just one bite of this Schmaltz Recipe jumbo, all-beef hot dog and you'll feel a little verklempt as those memories of the ball games and summers of your youth come rushing back. Topped simply with a little yellow mustard, or more elaborately with peppers, relish and more as they do in Chicago, Schmaltz Recipe hot dogs are made Kosher-style with premium beef in a natural casing. Enjoy it however you want. No big whoop. What's important is that you're getting only the best quality and best taste from Schmaltz. You and your kids deserve it.

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