Tongue, 1 lb.

Pickled and smoked, this is the real deal, old style Jewish Tongue. We've sliced it thinly and packaged it by the pound for you.

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Tongue, 1 lb.

Everyone has a guilty pleasure. For your sister Monica, it's her love of shoes. For your cousin Paul, it is his Thursday night poker game. But for your Zayde, it was his Tongue sandwich. Every Friday afternoon, rain or shine, Zayde and his buddies would meet at the corner deli and he would order a tongue sandwich on rye with yellow mustard and a smear of chopped liver. He tried to talk the other guys into ordering his favorite sandwich, but they had their favorites too. Bubbe said a sandwich that good was too much for an old man to handle, but Zayde didn't care. "Whadya want me to do? Starve?" he would say. Zayde would approve of Schmaltz old-style Jewish tongue. Seasoned and sliced perfectly, this tongue makes a very rich, decadent sandwich that just might become your guilty pleasure.

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