Bialy, 6 ct.

A bialy is a yeast roll that is a cousin to the bagel. We bake ours fresh daily. Shipped to you by the half dozen in a twist-tie bag.
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Bialy, 6 ct.

What in the world is a bialy? Well, kinder gather around and I will explain. You know how you just love the chewy bagels from Schmaltz? Well, a bialy is an awful lot like the bagel with two very important differences. The first is that, where in a bagel there is a hole in the middle, in a bialy that hole is not complete - it is just a depression that is filled with onions. Secondly, a bagel is boiled in water before baking to give it that shiny coat. Well, a bialy is baked to give it a crusty texture. You should try some with the old breakfast standbys - lox, cream cheese and if you are a bit of a daredevil, whitefish salad. But it can be used in place of ordinary sandwich bread for an excellent lunchbox addition - think tuna salad or mustard and sliced salami.

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