Rye Rolls, 5 ct.

Schmaltz exclusive rye rolls will make your sandwiches memorable. These tangy, fresh, seeded rolls have the old-fashioned rye bread taste you love, but in a chunky roll that will stand up to being overstuffed with your favorite meats and toppings.
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Rye Rolls, 5 ct.

You've grown bored with your everyday sandwich. Two thin slices of bread stuffed with a little bit of meat and topped with a little mustard - just your everyday, bag-it-yourself, run-of-the-mill sandwich. You deserve better, and you should start with the bread. The right bread can take any sandwich from average to over the top. Schmaltz rye rolls taste just like our rye bread that you love, but imagine the possibilities! Overstuff these rolls with corned beef, pastrami, hot dogs or even all three. You'll receive a five pack of our tasty rolls, ready for you to create your own sensational sandwiches worthy of being called "your lunch."

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