Kreplach, Meat filled, 6 pk.

Our kreplach are soft dough dumplings filled with brisket and onions. These are shipped to you ready to drop into a steaming pot of chicken soup or you can serve them as a side dish. Delivered to you in a six pack.

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Kreplach, Meat filled, 6 pk.

Every ethnic food has their dumplings. The Chinese have won-ton. The Italian have ravioli. The Poles have pierogi. Even the Mexican tamale can be considered a dumpling. But the Jews knew how to bring out the best in dumplings. They start with fresh dough and then add the special touch. They don't use pork, cheese or corn. They fill the kreplach with fine brisket that is chopped finely and seasoned. Then the master kreplach maker carefully folds the dough to keep the goodness within, even during a bath in steaming chicken soup. Only then will we ship our famous kreplach to our customers.

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