Bagel Chips - Garlic Cheese, 1 lb.

Ever wonder where all those day-old bagels go? We slice them up, bake them in seasonings until they are golden brown and then sprinkle them with cheese to make our amazing bagel chips.
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Bagel Chips - Garlic Cheese, 1 lb.

Looking for something crunchy? Tired of plain old potato chips? You really need to taste our bagel chips. If you're eating in our deli, you get a little side of these with your sandwich. They have been so popular that we had to start offering them on their own. We bake in the deli almost every day using the bagels we have left from the day before. Their garlic cheese flavor is addictive! Not only are they great as a side, try them crumbled up on your salad or mac & cheese.

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