Halvah, 3 Bars

Halvah has been called the Food of The Gods. Made of sesame seeds, sugar and flavorings. This is an excellent snack food or even a dessert. It is high in protein and packs an energy boost. We provide 3 flavors: original, marble and chocolate covered.
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Halvah, 3 Bars

A tempting Joyva Halvah Bar for dessert, as a between meal snack or a lunch box surprise - this highly delicious sesame seed treat will thrill the entire family! Marbled Halvah by Joyva is gluten-free, and are also certified by Kof-K Kosher Supervision as kosher parve. The year was 1905. The place was a small town in Russia called Kiev. The man was Nathan Radutzky, a simple 22 year old entrepreneur with a recipe and an idea. What he held, was a recipe for one of the oldest known confections in the world. It was eaten by Kings and Titans, and Princes and Sultans. In some parts of the world it was considered a sacred symbol of immortality and life. In other cultures it was thought to promote fertility and sexual response. It also tasted really, really good. That recipe was Halvah. Halvah is a Turkish confection. It is one of the worlds oldest candies.The earliest references date as far back as the year 3000 B.C. The word halvah means literally 'sweetmeat.'Sesame seeds are rich in calcium, zinc, iron, phosphorous, protein, niacin and lecithin and many B complex vitamins. Halvah contains three basic nutrients; protein and vegetable fat from tahini and carbohydrates from sugar. Halvah provides protein and calories, making it an excellent choice for the beginning of the day or for a backpacking energy source.

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