Rye - seedless, 3 lb.

Just as good as our regular rye, but without all of the seeds. It is the perfect accompaniment to our thin-sliced corned beef and pastrami. Our two-pound loaf comes to you already sliced in a twist-tie bag.
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Rye - seedless, 3 lb.

This is the classic bread around which amazing sandwiches are built. There's something about that tangy rye taste coupled with those crunchy caraway seeds in each tender, moist slice. It upgrades your everyday sandwich from "meh" to magnificent. Just ask your Uncle Ira. He hasn't eaten a sandwich on anything other than rye bread since 1952. For as long as you can remember, every Monday he would shlep down to the corner bakery to get a fresh loaf. When he got home, he always had a cockamamie story to tell about some plosher or nudnik he met along the way. His favorite is the classic corned beef on rye with yellow mustard. Sometimes he would add a little chopped liver. Sometimes, a layer of tongue. It really didn't matter though - it was always about the bread.

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