Pumpernickel, 2 lb.

Our pumpernickel bread is definitely a classic. This seeded dark rye makes amazing sandwiches! Our two-pound loaf is delivered to you perfectly sliced in a twist-tie bag.
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Pumpernickel, 2 lb.

As a kid you always shied away from the pumpernickel bread on the table. It was so dark compared to all the other breads, it just didn't seem right. But one day you looked at it differently. You took a bite and realized that the dark brown color meant lots of flavor and a texture that just couldn't be beat. You hate to admit it, but you had been missing out all of these years (just like your mamaleh said). But no more. Our pumpernickel bread is sliced just right and shipped fresh to you. Now you can make a more delicious, more grown-up version of your favorite sandwich

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