Chicken Soup - Matzo Ball, 1 qt.

Schmaltz's famous chicken soup is made fresh daily with chicken, onions, carrots and other seasonings and 2 floater matzo balls.

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Chicken Soup - Matzo Ball, 1 qt.

They say it's good for the soul. They say it can cure the common cold. It's been a family tradition for generations, yet no one can say how so much goodness could possibly come from a bowl of broth and vegetables. But we all know the truth. It's the love and the time that goes into making it that makes "Jewish penicillin" so special. Remember that time you were in bed for two days with that awful cold? Bubbe didn't only bring you chicken soup, but she made the chicken soup from scratch at your house - filling up each room with the healing aroma of slowly simmered chicken, fresh vegetables and flavorful seasonings. You always liked your chicken soup with noodles, but your brother loved matzo balls. To this day you can remember how that first sip of chicken soup made you feel. It truly does warm the soul. We make our chicken soup from scratch daily so we can send you the freshest, most flavorful chicken soup you've ever had.

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Awesome matzo ball soup!!!



Always delicious

Ladylunes - Naperville
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