Schmaltz, 1/2 lb.

Schmaltz (chicken fat) is used in traditional Jewish cooking. You're not going to find this at your big name grocery store.

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Schmaltz, 1/2 lb.

Yeah, we know its a funny name for a deli. And if you're looking here, you probably already know what SCHMALTZ is. But lots of people who come to the deli don't. And that's a shame. If you've never had matzo balls or latkes made with a little schmaltz, you're really missing out. How about kreplach pan fried in schmaltz? It was a staple in Bubbe's kitchen, much like olive oil was in the Italian kitchen down the street. Definitely a hard to find item, we've already rendered and clarified the schmaltz for you and we sell it by the half pint.

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