Pickles - Half Sour, 1 qt.

Schmaltz pickles have that old-fashioned taste you remember. Our half-sours will quickly become your new favorite snack or lunch side dish. Brined perfectly in salt, vinegar and seasonings, these pickles have the crisp crunch you've been craving. We've packed them fresh for you in a one quart jar.

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Pickles - Half Sour, 1 qt.

We know you've been on a search for a long time. You've bought the whole ones in the jar, the wavy slices that go on hamburgers, and the spears in the refrigerated section at the grocery store, but none of them ever came to close to that salty crunch you remember from when Uncle Sol used to bring pickles to the summer family picnic. All the kids wanted a pickle, you included. Uncle Sol would yell, "Hey you kids! Save some for me! What am I? Chopped liver?" Those salty and oh-so-crispy pickles made everyone just a little bit happier, except, I guess, Uncle Sol.Now Schmaltz brings you our old-fashioned, half-sour pickles. We send them to you cut in half, so you can slice ‘em up for burgers, make spears for a side dish or even chop them super fine to sprinkle on hot dogs. And please, buy a few for Uncle Sol. To make up for that summer when you and your cousins ate all the pickles.

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