Big Al Kit

The Big Al is one of the most popular sandwiches at our deli in Naperville, Illinois. It was named one of 30 "must try" sandwiches in Chicago by the the Chicago Tribune. Included thick-sliced grilled salami,spicy deli mustard, grilled onions and rye rolls.

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Big Al Kit

You've been looking for a new sandwich. Yeah, everyone can eat turkey or roast beef, but only you have the chutzpah to take a chub of salami, slice it longways and then grill it. While it's hot, add a little spicy mustard, some caramelized onions and serve it on a hero roll. Talk about an amazing out-of-the-box sandwich experience. We make "The Big Al" (#23) at the deli and it is one of our most popular sandwiches. Now you can make it at home. We've already cut and grilled the salami and caramelized the onions; you just need to reheat them. Makes 4 or more sandwiches. You'll receive a pound and a quarter of grilled salami steaks, four hero rolls, a half pint of caramelized onions and an 8 oz. jar of our spicy deli mustard.

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