Latke and Brisket Dinner

Dinner could not be more traditional that brisket and latkes. It is not just for Hanukkah any more.

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Latke and Brisket Dinner

The first night of Hanukkah was always the best. That meant dinner at Uncle Saul's house. Not only did Uncle Saul have that beautiful old Menorah he brought home from Israel, but his dinner was the best of the eight nights. He let that brisket roast and then simmer all day.It was so delicious and tender. You remember topping it with lots of horseradish sauce even though your mom warned you it would be a little spicy. And don't forget the latkes that Aunt Becky spend all day making. It was the perfect Hanukkah meal - especially when you think of the family that gathered around the table. Now Schmaltz takes the time out of making Hanukkah dinner, and you can still bring the love. Simply reheat our tender brisket and crisp latkes and dinner is served! You'll receive one pound of brisket, plus au jus, and 12 latkes with sour cream and applesauce.

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