Beef Chopped Liver, 1 lb.

Schmaltz famous beef chopped liver is made fresh just for you. Following an old family recipe, we've combined rich beef liver with eggs and seasonings, to bring you this delicacy that's great as a side dish or as a spread on your favorite sandwich. Shipped to you in a one-pound container.

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Beef Chopped Liver, 1 lb.

It was "Aunt Edith's Famous Chopped Beef Liver" recipe your mom tried to duplicate, but somehow it always needed a little more of this and a little less of that. But despite her own criticism, mom's chopped beef liver became pretty famous on its own. Everyone was always kvelling over how delicious it was. Mom was always receiving requests to bring it to some cousin's bar mitzvah or some Uncle's birthday celebration. At one point mom even jokingly considered that she was being invited only because of her beef liver. Now Schmaltz is making the chopped beef liver for you. We promise it will receive as many raves as your mom's did. Now we're not sure how it compares to Aunt Edith's recipe, so you'll have to buy some for your mom, too.

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