Complete Brisket Dinner

Our tender brisket, along with latkes and chicken matzo ball soup, makes a perfect dinner.

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Complete Brisket Dinner

Isn't it your turn to make dinner? And by "make" we mean, purchase homemade entrees and side and pretend like you did all the work. This brisket dinner is made at our deli and shipped straight to you to work your magic. Our slow-roasted brisket is fork tender and come with a savory au jus. Based on our Bubbe's recipe, our chicken soup is made fresh daily and is enhanced by our perfect matzo balls. Bubbe also gave us her latke recipe. We lightly fry them golden brown. Everything is ready for you to reheat and serve. You'll receive one pound of brisket, 6 latkes, one quart of chicken soup and four matzo balls.

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