Braided Challah, 1.5 lb

Our thick, rich Challah is sometimes called Jewish white bread. It's not only for sandwiches. Turn it into a fabulous French Toast or bread pudding. Our one and a half pound loaf is braided, unsliced and delivered to you in a twist-tie bag.
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Braided Challah, 1.5 lb

When you went to your cousin Hannah's Bat Mitzvah, you saw the loaf of Challah on the table. Right away, you knew it was special - that beautiful, golden brown braid right in the middle of the table. Everyone was waiting for a piece of it. And although it seemed like everyone else got a bigger piece than you did, you savored every bite. Since then, it's become your favorite go-to bread. So fresh and so rich, it makes every sandwich seem like a gourmet experience. Our Challah is exactly the taste and texture you'll turn to time and time again.

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