Schmaltz Recipe Salami Chub, 2 lb.

We've perfected an old family recipe to bring you Schmaltz Kosher-style all-beef Salami Chub. Slice it as thick or thin as you want for amazing sandwich.

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Schmaltz Recipe Salami Chub, 2 lb.

When was the last time you had a salami sandwich? We're guessing probably not since you spent the weekend at Bubbe's house as a kid. If your answer is never, Oy Vey! Then you've really been missing out. Schmaltz salami creates that salty, meaty, decadent sandwich you've been craving. This isn't your average, everyday, supermarket salami. What? Are you kidding me? Our traditional family recipe, made with a custom blend of spices and then slowly dry-cured is as authentic as it comes. You'll love the memories that come rushing back as you take your first bite. Slice it thin and pile it high with mustard on your favorite bread or serve it with crackers for an addictive appetizer.

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