Rugelach, 1 lb. asst.

Our traditional, oversized rugelach are based on an old family recipe. The cream cheese-based dough is rolled together with a delicious filling and baked to a light golden brown. You'll receive a one-pound assortment of fruit (raspberry or apricot), cinnamon raisin and cinnamon chocolate-covered rugelach. (Contains walnuts).

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Rugelach, 1 lb. asst.

Everyone has a favorite family recipe. One that's passed down from generation to generation and taught from grandparent to grandchild. One that is so amazing, so elaborate, so special, that it's only made for the holidays and family celebrations. Well, our rugelach is made from that recipe. And if you had the time, which we're guessing you don't, this is the dessert that you would make for your mishpocha to show them how much you love them. Let us help you share the love. Made from a delectable cream cheese dough that is painstakingly kneaded to a creamy consistency, and then rolled around a delicious filling, our rugelach melts in your mouth. We're sending you an assortment, because you know your sister always sneaks the raspberry and Aunt Ruthie only eats the apricot. At least your favorite is the cinnamon raisin. And for that special someone (which could be you), we even have a chocolate dipped cinnamon raisin.

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